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When I post something that I have originally made it'll be mentioned - mainly I post my artsy stuff in my art blog.

Messy bunch of reblogs contain e.g. art I find impressive, beautiful or interesting, photography, animals of many sort (especially cats!), overall things I find cute, gaming related posts, tattoos, nail art, and fandoms including Assassin's Creed, Pacific Rim, Shingeki no Kyojin, Disney, Ghibli, Pokémon, Mass Effect and Adventure Time, to name a few. You never know.

I by myself am doing this and that. Art doodles, handcrafts, glass work, cosplay, gaming, roleplaying, list goes on. I'm a young woman in my 20s living in Tampere, Finland, and study in Tampere University of Applied Sciences' Degree Programme in Media (an English interactive media program). My dearest dream in the moment is to own a cat. *u*

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25th July 2014

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25th July 2014

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Today I remembered those animal themed card stock masks we used to make at library’s children’s centre at the age of… 9, 10 maybe?  Thus I whipped up this. Now I’m a jackal.

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25th July 2014

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24th July 2014

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Embroidered brooches by cOnieco

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18th July 2014

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Hoàng Tiến Quyết, via Surface to Structure.

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16th July 2014

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"Dirigible" Purse by krukrustudio


"Dirigible" Purse by krukrustudio

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6th July 2014

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6th July 2014

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Like some strange thing in a natural history museum, this unusual botanical necklace contains a real moss green fern leaf, which I gathered from a local woodland last summer. When I brought these delicate little leaves home, I then pressed and preserved them inside an elegant glass locket, before stringing them on a sparkling silver chain. 

In wearing this pendant, you will always bring a little piece of the wild woods with you. A thread of connection, that keeps you intertwined with nature wherever in the world life takes you. It was designed to conjure up memories of a thousand whispering leaves, the smell of damp, crushed moss underfoot and golden dappled sunlight on the forest floor.

The locket is glass, while the Art Nouveau style clasp is silver toned and the beautiful chain is 925 Sterling silver.

You can read more or purchase on my website:


Or over at my Etsy shop:


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2nd July 2014

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by JooJoo

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24th June 2014

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life size vaporeon. it was really hard to get pictures of this gal just because of the sheer sIZE OF IT wow. 

also, if you were wondering what that little brown thing in the first picture is, i thought i’d do a fun little size comparison, one of the biggest things i’ve ever made, compared to one of the smallest:

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23rd June 2014

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Just stones. Little painted stones staring at you. Keep on preparing for pathology exam.


Just stones. Little painted stones staring at you. Keep on preparing for pathology exam.

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20th June 2014

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so I had to make a lamp for pottery and sculpture II so I worked on my project all day today and every time people looked at me weird bc they were expecting like a bedazzled lampshades or some shit and I’m not about that so I got finished and went over to my teacher holding this huge motherfucker


and everyone was just staring at me like “what the fuck is this thing??? what???” and then I plugged it in


people fucking lost it

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20th June 2014

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Bonsai Tree Houses by Takanori Aiba

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18th June 2014

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In which Moon reanimates a dead thing. Am I a supervillain yet? ||’D

(the top part of the skull is one of my lucky finds at work; the rest is made from more commonplace materials.  And I still need to tweak a few timing things, but this here is the gist of it.)

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14th June 2014

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from Design Sponge:

DIY Project: Recycled Pallet Vertical Garden

Summer is waning, and since I am a diehard autumnal girl, I’d usually be very excited by now. But I have to be honest — this lush and vibrant pallet vertical garden is making me want to stay in summer for another month or two. There have been many pallet projects and many vertical garden projects, but none combine the two elements as well as this tutorial from Steph of the local spoon, and none are so simply designed. I like this so much, I might have to squeeze it in before I focus entirely on fall projects. Thanks for sharing, Steph! — Kate

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