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When I post something that I have originally made it'll be mentioned - mainly I post my artsy stuff in my art blog.

Messy bunch of reblogs contain e.g. art I find impressive, beautiful or interesting, photography, animals of many sort (especially cats!), overall things I find cute, gaming related posts, tattoos, nail art, and fandoms including Assassin's Creed, Pacific Rim, Shingeki no Kyojin, Disney, Ghibli, Pokémon, Mass Effect and Adventure Time, to name a few. You never know.

I by myself am doing this and that. Art doodles, handcrafts, glass work, cosplay, gaming, roleplaying, list goes on. I'm a young woman in my 20s living in Tampere, Finland, and study in Tampere University of Applied Sciences' Degree Programme in Media (an English interactive media program). My dearest dream in the moment is to own a cat. *u*

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13th September 2012

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The 39 Generation II Pokémon that were originally going to debut in Generation I.

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6th July 2012

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16th April 2012

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Firebird Suite (The Firebird), Fantasia 2000

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